My family was always food oriented. My father was in the military and we lived all over the world – Italy, France, Iran. My earliest food memories were of eating omelettes in Normandy France on Mont Saint Michel at La Mere Poulard at age five. At age eleven, I was eating kebab koubideh and chelo at Tehran American School in Tehran, Iran, where I grew an affinity for all things Persian – tadiq, kebabs, rosewater, chicken with apricots, etc.. When I was 15 I got a job washing dishes and I was the only one that got along with Mary, our seafood cook. When she needed help (she was like 70 years old when she was there), they had me start working prep for her. After a while, I started working in seafood by myself – which was an incredible feat as during the yearly horse racing season, we would sometimes serve 700 meals a night, at least a third with a seafood component – lobster tail, catfish, stuffed flounder – we made it all from scratch. In additional, all of the accouterments, onion rings, sauces, their famous salad dressing etc. So I was pretty proficient by the time I left.

I still travel a lot and prioritize finding good places to eat wherever I am at the moment.  I’ve spent a pretty fair amount of time in Europe, and the Middle East, some time in Asia, targeting South America for my next food destination. Around the house, I’m pretty adept at Thai, Italian, BBQ, and breakfast – I make a mean eggs benedict, and even meaner sausage gravy and biscuits. It makes it really difficult to go out to eat, cuz I can usually do better at home.

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