SomeI’ve been involved in music most of my life – from playing autoharp in 2nd grade to picking up the guitar at age 16. Interestingly, some of that interest was fuel by electronics as I built my first guitar amplifier at age 16 out of a PA horn and amp module. I built a Heathkit Guitar amp when I was 17. I’ve always had a serious interest in stringed instruments – guitar, banjo, bass, etc. These days I like to play, but am also getting into building vacuum tube amplifiers, I suppose a throw-back to my vintage ham radio days when I cut my teeth on, and got shocked by,  6146 power beam pentode tubes in my Eico 720 Transmitter. I’ve got a Larrivee OM9, and American Strat, a Fender 12 string, and a Godin XtSA electric/acoustic with GR55 13 pin synth connector. For effects, I have an Avid Eleven Rack, a TC Helicon VoicePlay Live, and Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor.

For a couple of years in my twenty’s, I worked on the side at a couple of music stores in Hot Springs, AR and at one time was an authorized Peavey warranty repair tech, working on amps, and going to school in the afternoons, while working in respiratory therapy at night on the 11-7 shift. I also mixed sound and was involved in setting up sound reinforcement systems such as amps and PA systems. I’ve worked with commercial tri-amped systems with line-array speakers, as well as with anti-feedback systems by Sabine (I almost went to work for them).   Nowadays, I love to mix technology and music and currently play with Raspberry Pi and Arduino based devices, my favorite new play toy is Sonic Pi, a free, open source live-coding synth environment. I find that my radio background really goes hand in hand with audio as many of the same principles apply with regard to oscillation, filtering, amplification, and such.

My Play List

Some Favorite Artists

I have many as I listen to everything from blues to acoustic guitar, to Joe Satriani, and am a huge David Gilmour and Neil Young fan.

Antoine Dufour “Reality”. He is an incredible acoustic guitar player, and plays a lot in DADGAD tuning. I’m a fan of alternative tunings as well and play a lot in drop-D and DADGAD.
Billy Mclaughlin “Soulmates” Another awesome guitar player in the same realm.
Blake Reary “Nowhere Near”

Some Snippets of my playing

Snippet of Me recorded in ~2005 on a Digitech Guitar processor, me on bass, rhythm, and lead, drum synth – all recorded in 4 sequential tracks in about 20 minutes. Everything on the Digitech here on this page was recorded the same day as I was just playing around in a quick, “record one track then another” sequence.  I added some anecdotal sounds in Adobe Audition.
Snippet of Me recorded in ~2005 on a Digitech Guitar processor, me on bass, rhythm, and lead, just messing around building 4 guitar tracks one after another
Snippet of Me recorded in ~2005 on a Digitech Guitar processor, me on bass, rhythm, and lead with some slide. The bass is actually my Strat tuned down an octave by the guitar processor.
Me playing Colin Hayes “Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever get over You” in DADGAD tuning, I added a second track of tap harmonics, which I played around with while I was tuning and decided to keep. It was just recorded in Audacity with my desk PC microphone one day when I had some spare time.


Some Sample Guitar Stuff

trying to add some tines to my alternative tuning library – this is in DADGAD Tuning – with a second track of alternating tap harmonics which is not in the original

A Colin Hayes Song: I Just Dont Think I’ll Ever Get Over You

This was my first “bolt-on” guitar project.  I purchased the raw walnut body and finished with lacquer – pretty much the same process as painting a car. The neck is made by a guy in Vietnam called “Bruce Wei Art“.  I used custom hand-wound pickups (that I bought) and put in all of the hardware and electronics. Still has a few set-up issues in this early video, but this was my first video to play my hand-made guitar out of my hand-made amp.

Synth StuffThis is SonicPi – an open-source synthesizer software that runs on Raspberry Pi. (Sound starts at 00:32)

Randy’s Playlist

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