In my lifetime, I’ve been influenced by a number of people inside as well as outside my immediate sphere of influence. I make it a habit to educate myself on people in the shadows of history that deserve more credit than they typically received.

Abigail on “Guy’s Grocery Games”

Abby was on “Guys Grocery Games” last Sunday, 10/08/2017, and did a great job, not only winning with 3 incredible dishes but also winning the cash finale at the end with $20K! We went to the watch party at Half Pint Pub and had a great time! Right click and “save as” here” if you […]

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Edward Tufte

The Father of Data Visualization In the age of big data perhaps there is perhaps no one more¬†unjustifiably unknown than Edward Tufte. Many people do not know who Edward Tufte is, but suffice it to say who he is, and moreover what he represents may make him one of the most important icons today in […]

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The Story of Hedy Lamarr and Frequency Agile Transmission

National Public Radio recently did a piece on Richard Rhode’s new book entitled “Hedy’s Folly’s” that documents Hedy Lamar’s contribution to modern technology. Most do not know the story of Hedy Lamarr, who invented the concept of “frequency agile” or “spread spectrum” technology. Frequency agile transmission is the concept of changing the transmit and receive […]

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About the Author

I’m a healthcare IT professional with a number of varied interests ranging from RF engineering to embedded systems to guitars, food and travel. I realized a while ago that the only way to keep my collection of metadata together would be to put it in a blog. This allows me to share files, photos, projects, […]

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