Randy MUSE
At Marquette circa 1986 with early MUSE ECG computer

I’m a clinical technology professional working predominantly on the connectivity software side of clinical information, though I’ve worked in just about every phase of clinical device development and marketing from engineering to product management, business development, marketing, and sales. I started my career 30 years ago working in respiratory therapy back in the days of Bennett MA1 ventilators before going to work with Marquette Electronics as a field engineer. Marquette Electronics, back in the day was the leading manufacturer of cardiology diagnostic devices: EKG(ECG) machines, stress-testing systems, Holter analysis, and early IT infrastructure. I had taken an EMT-A course earlier, but this is where I started learning about the science of electrocardiography.

I was hired away from Marquette by a cardiologist/principle to do my first start-up with an ECG outreach company called Cardiac Analysis Center where we had a mainframe computer that received, interpreted, digitized, analyzed, and stored cardiac records including ECG and Holter reports. My background is mostly cardiology although I was recently involved in a start-up that developed a patient monitoring device intended for the cath lab, and as such have worked with other parameters such as ETCO2, NIBP, SPO2, BiS, etc. As an ex-RT, I have pretty decent knowledge around pulmonary related parameters and gas/metabolic analysis and was both a Product Manager and Clinical IT Consultant for Marquette/GE (GE acquired Marquette in 1998).

I have a unique vantage point having worked both clinically, and in engineering, and have an FCC Extra Class license (WR7R), so RF engineering and embedded systems are my favored playgrounds (I wrote a white paper on wireless security encryption as a marketing piece after I changed the wifi module on the Mortara carts to ‘speak’ (L)EAP enterprise security).  I know all aspects of electrocardiography from the physiological side to acquisition, filtering (analog and DSP), digitization, storage, interpretation, and propagation as I’ve been the global ECG Product Manager both at Marquette and Mortara Instrument where I led the development team and launched the ELI 10 and ELI 350 ECG devices, both of which stored 12 leads into DICOM, which we later licensed to Cerner as PowerChart ECG. Cerner subsequently needed a cardiology business development leader, so I went over to Cerner with Dr. Dave Mortara’s good wishes to drive the PowerChart ECG vertical at Cerner. After a couple of years at Cerner, I accepted a position as Director of Product Management with Lumedx – a leader in SQL based cardiology reporting systems, where I led the development of their ECG Manager product from proof-of-concept to FDA 510K in a year and a half.

Randy in CVOR
I set-up the first CVOR room at Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine, FL with GE

I’ve also spent some time working with streaming clinical analytics, most recently with IBM InfoSphere Streams working with the Excel Medical’s BedMaster product to send granular data including waveforms into a SQL based repository. From here you can do Alarm Management, run prospective analytics such as OBS Medical Visensia, HeRO, Clemetrics, and others. It’s the next generation of healthcare informatics – using multiparameter “big data” as a clinical decision support tool. We have a unique software platform that gleans this granular waveform and parameter information off of the patient monitoring network, and makes it available for mobility solutions and analytics.

Randy in India
Working on the development of an open-source ECG management system in Pune India

Currently I am the Life Science Solutions Experience Manager for France-based Dassault Systemes. I work out of their San Diego BioVia Office. I lead their medical device and pharmacologic software development for their healthcare R&D division.